Monday, March 19, 2012

marriage conference

At the beginning of this month, Mission of Hope hosted Watermark Church from Dallas, TX.  Watermark has become a Partner of Hope with Church of Hope.  Before departing for Haiti, they spent many months preparing and praying for their trip.  They came with the agenda of teaching and leading a Marriage Conference.  During their time of preparation, they emailed a few of the married staff at Church of Hope to see which topics would be most applicable.   As it turns out, married couples in Haiti struggle with the same things married couples struggle with in the United States.  Many of the attendees could relate with stories and testimonies of the teachers and couples from Watermark. 
 As a newlywed, I was looking forward to attending the conference with Ruben, my husband of only 10½ months.  As we are learning to live life together and be involved in ministry together, we know we have a lot to learn.  The team members from Watermark were all so genuine; it was a blessing to sit under their teaching during the conference.  Over the two days, there were many laughs, tears and times of discussion. 
The amazing team members from Watermark!
 It is so wonderful to see how God is partnering and bringing together the American Church and the Haitian Church.  And it is such blessing to a part of an organization that is ministering to the whole person.  Mission of Hope does an amazing job at being a place where people of all colors and cultures can come together to worship, pray, teach and learn about the one true God. 
Watermark came prepared with printed material (in both English and Creole)!  Its a great resource for people to take home and continue to grow in their marriage AND their walk with Christ! 

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